401K Roll Over

March 13, 2014 Comments off

I completed rolling over my 401K today and instantly lost money. Today was bad all around for the stock market. I was hoping to catch a down turn in the market during the transition so I could buy more shares of my chosen targeted mutual fund then I sold. I missed the a major down turn by about 4 days, then it sprang up higher than I sold for. It has been going down since and I bought in for about what I sold for, but the trend continued and it closed at -1.22%.

But I am not a day trader so this doesn’t bother me too much. The fun is up about 13% since the 2008 crisis. I’ve been investing in the fund for 5 years it has done well compared to the the S&P 500. I’m confident in the management over the long run to make the correct adjustments.

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Taking a Mulligan

March 4, 2014 Comments off

Golfer with golf bag

From my first experience with FifteenMinutesOfFiction.com . I don’t label myself a writer, I just enjoy creating new things regardless of the medium.

In golf there is an unwritten rule called a Mulligan that allows you, one time only per round, to re-hit a badly hit ball. There are so many choices in my past that make me think “What if I could do that over?”. I think this is a sentiment we all share and the choice that stands out the most changes as time passes. I guess it’s more about what matters most at the moment. I believe this is a good thing for me, that I haven’t made too many major mistakes as to make one moment in time sticks out as something I really wish I could change. Maybe it’s a bad thing, I just don’t realize how severe or detrimental some of my choices have been. Or maybe deep down I just know the truth, what I think would come of making any changes to my past are just fantasy. However, most recently one previous decision or lack of one from my past keeps crossing my mind as something I wish I could change.

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Peer to peer lending Sept 2013

October 4, 2013 Comments off

Coming back to Prosper.com after a year I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t find loans with the criteria I had originally decided on. Today, there are only 11 loans that even begin to find the criteria, being in the B through D ratings, in fact I haven’t even seen a D rated loan in the past 2 weeks I’ve been looking. I’m not sure if it’s because fewer people are using Prosper.com or if more people are using it and taking advantage of the Automated Quick Invest feature.

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Prosper Follow up

August 10, 2012 Comments off

My funds completed their transfer into my Prosper account. I first tried to use their quick investing tool to divide my funds between B and C borrows, but it kept picking an investment titled “smoll business” and their reason the loan would be good for them was “ilike doing business”. Maybe it’s because I’m new to Prosper.com but I don’t have a lot of confidence in someone who like doing business, but apparently lack Read more…

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August 5, 2012 Comments off

Well I’m still working on other things and don’t have 100% of my free time or income to dedicate to my cash flow plans, but I thought I would get my feet wet with investing through Prosper.com. It has been around for a while, their site is very informative and after reading reviews from people who have also posted their own investment details, I am ok with the site and peer to peer lending. I feel like I need to be doing something, and while I plot out my over all path to financial independence, I think this will help me increase my financial vocabulary and gain a little bit of experience with investing . I’m just getting my account setup now, once I actually invest in someone I will added the details to the Investment page.

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Down I go, down I dance, to seek my magic golden chance

August 3, 2012 Comments off

One of my earliest gaming memories, this phrase had to be translated in order to safely head down the stairs and into the golden room. And now in real life I am heading down into an uncertain future to seek my fortunes. I will not go head long, just as before I will look for traps, try to equip myself as best as possible, not go alone and try to keep my wits about me.

And here we ….. Go

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