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Prosper Follow up

August 10, 2012

My funds completed their transfer into my Prosper account. I first tried to use their quick investing tool to divide my funds between B and C borrows, but it kept picking an investment titled “smoll business” and their reason the loan would be good for them was “ilike doing business”. Maybe it’s because I’m new to Prosper.com but I don’t have a lot of confidence in someone who like doing business, but apparently lack the understanding of the first impression. But  that is just me as the investment is 74% funded. I gave up on the quick investing tool and manually divided my funds between 3 investments. Hopefully they get fully funded soon and I will start seeing some returns.

In the mean time I’m continuing to educate myself and find I’m leaning towards property rentals. I stumbled across a real estate pod cast with one of the host here in St Louis which gives me hope that the market is not as bad as I thought it was here in the Midwest. Still getting somethings taken care of in my new place, so my budget is basically non existent, but once it’s squared away I’m hoping to be able to put aside 2,000 a month and save up for the first property.

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