In the spirit of full disclosure my name is not RT Louis, it’s just a mash up of my first name Robert and my home town of St Louis, Missouri.

I’m starting a blog to help me focus on the various pursuits I have begun to under take in my life. By conversing with or through the internet I hope to keep track of and plot a bit of my meandering path going forward through life. I think most people would set out some kind of plan, I have always just had a way. I don’t pretend to know what obstacles life will put in my way, so I can not plan for what is to come, I just have my own systems of dealing with things and just find my way passed them.

My new goal in life is to be financially independent. I am going to generate enough cash flow through passive income to offset my living expenses to regain my freedom from slavery salary jobs. This will be accomplished through various investment as ETFs, peer to peer lending, real estate and hopefully a few self full filling side jobs.

While this is a major focus for me it is not my only pursuit. I will share my thoughts and experiences as I wander through life here. I could write about the old me, a me I am not ashamed of but a me I need to move on from in order to reach my new goal. The old me and my old thoughts and old ideas are of little consequence as I am now moving forward as a new me with new thoughts and new ideas of the world. This change is internal only, as the people around me have been a blessing through out my life and I wouldn’t change them for anything.

Join me as I sharing my experiences, making my way over, around and through the various things life places before me.